LB 7300 SERIESTRAFFIC RATED Trench Grates and Frames Bicycle friendly trench grates and frames conforming to ASTM A48, Class 35B for GRAY IRON and rated for heavy duty traffic loading conditions (AASHTO H20). The grates measure 24" long and the side frames are furnished in 24" or 48" lengths. Coating: Asphaltum (black) paint finish.
Catalog NumberGrate WidthTrench WidthHeightApprox. Weight of Frame and Grate
LB 73018"6"1-1/2"30 lbs
LB 730210"8"1-1/2"32 lbs
LB 730312"10"1-1/2"41 lbs
LB 730414"12"2"54 lbs
LB 730517"15"2"58 lbs
*Note: Bolted grate and frame assemblies are available upon request.

Please refer to LB 7380 Series for ADA rated grates with frames.
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